Content ideas with questionhub

Getting Content Ideas With Question Hub

It doesn’t matter whatever niche you are in, after writing a bunch of Articles you will run out of ideas, it will be frustrating to find topics, this happened to me a lot of times, what I do is i just leave my work and go for a vacation, when I come back to work my mind will be fresh to research for the topic,

Google introduced people also ask section in the serp for the benefit of readers, if the serp doesn’t have the answer for their question they can post their question in that section,

It will look something like this,

If you click that drop down arrow you will see a blog post answering that question,

And now finally google made it available for the publishers in the name of Question Hub,

In the questionhub you can get a list of questions that are unanswered, these are the questions asked by people in the people also ask section,

You can get a lot of ideas, may be i should say unlimited ideas, yes you will never run out of ideas again,

Lets see how to do it,

Get into google’s question hub, and signup with your gmail account,

If it says question hub is not available for your country, use a VPN to signup it should work well,

After you signup you will see this list of Niche Areas, you can choose your category, but i would like to search topic in the search bar,

For example,

I take camping as a keyword and search it in the search bar, it shows all these sub categories,

When I hit that add button, it adds 10 questions to the list, and when you hit add for the second time, it adds 10 more questions, it will be keep on adding 10 questions until all the unanswered questions are added to your list,

When you hit done, you will be redirected to the questions page, it will show you a lot of questions that are yet to be answered, you can choose the questions that can be converted into a blog post and build the article around that topic,

In the above image the pointed questions can be made into a good posts,

Lets see how to make these questions into a topic that people search for in another post,

Hope you enjoyed this post.

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